About Me

Bucket List Fitness is the result of years of effort struggling to lose weight, constantly in a limbo between meeting my goals and feeling further and further from them. I struggled to understand what inspired/ motivated me and it made me interested in what inspires others. I also learned quickly, that while I have an idea of this “ideal” body I want (which is fine), visions of that body were not enough to motivate me to push through the low moments when I had no momentum and had to rely on pure willpower, which I usually lacked.

As I continue on my journey I have decided that I want to devote my life and my brand to helping others find what inspires them not just in fitness, but in every area of their lives. Aesthetics are great-as a bonus. They simply cannot drive us to accomplish what we are really after when we attempt to make a positive change: self-love, acceptance, contentment, health, wealth and the list goes on.

Bucket List Fitness was named very deliberately. It is to get you thinking about what it is you want and to get you started in pursuing those things with your fitness being your first step. Because it is Bucket List Fitness’ philosophy that if someone feels at peace within his or her own body, he or she can then begin to tackle the problems beyond their physical selves that will enable them to live their best lives.

I hope we are able to help you along your journey. Fitness has been an amazing gift and it is something we would like to share with you.


Crystalkay, BLF Founder